Our Board & Volunteers

The 98 Fund Board is made up of volunteers from West Point’s Class of 1998. As the 98Fund has grown, and as outside obligations have changed, some initial board members have changed roles while still being part of The 98Fund. We are grateful for the work all of them have done and continue to do.
An asterix (*) indicates that person was a founding member of The 98Fund.

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Primary Leadership:
President: Mark DeRocchi*

Chairman: John Serafini*

Vice President: Mark Weaver*

Operations: Jason Kostal

Treasurer: Sammy Sok*

Family Outreach & Online: Michelle Robbins LaVicka

Board Member in Memoriam:Tim O’Connor

Advisors & Support:

Legal Advisor: Jeff Showalter*

Promotions & Publicity: Nick Palmisciano*